Rebecca Oudman

Rebecca Oudman
Child Sponsorship Program Director

BA in Latin American Studies (2014)

Rebecca is currently the director of a sponsorship program in Guatemala. When she started out at UVic, she wasn’t really sure what she should major in, but she knew she loved different cultures. After a trip to Guatemala, she decided to pursue Latin American studies, as she fell in love with the people and their language. Her studies gave her insight into the culture and history of Latin America. She took courses ranging from politics, to geography, to Spanish. It helped her appreciate the culture more because she knows more of the history of Latin America and how that has shaped people over generations.

I gained invaluable knowledge that has helped me adjust to living in a new culture, and how to be a mover and shaper in the work I am doing now. My favourite thing about the Latin American Studies Program is that it allowed me to take a variety of courses from many different departments. I enjoyed learning about development, and coming at it from a Latin American perspective. The LAS program was so small and personal, and it allowed me to personalize my studies and fall in love with Latin America even more.