Political Science
Comparative Political Economy; European Integration Theory; International Relations; International Trade
Office: DTB A334
Aesthetics, History of European Philosophy, Ancient European Philosophy, Early Modern European Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Science; with special interests in Environmental Aesthetics and Ethics, Philosophy of Prehistoric and Contemporary Art, and Alexander von Humboldt Studies.
Office: CLE B309
Graduate Student Researcher
Centre for Global Studies, Cedar Trees Initiative
comparative transnational law, legal pluralism, Indigenous/settler relations, European Union, democratic theory, agonism, anarchism.
Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar
CFGS/Cedar Trees Institute
public philosophy, collective presences, horizontality, nonviolence and civic democracy. By standing within the tradition of public philosophy
Germanic & Slavic Studies
Feminist Theory, Critical Theory, First Generation Frankfurt School, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Theories of Embodiment, Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, History of Philosophy, Antisemitism and Holocaust Studies
Office: CLE D259B