Public History Co-op Experience

Public History graduate Jill Levine who has helped co-author several articles coming out of her co-op work experience in the program. 

During her public history co-op Jill Levine worked at Seshat: Global History Databank, a research project spanning multiple countries and institutions. In the co-op term she helped co-author three chapters of our upcoming history volume The Seshat History of the Axial Age (Dec 9, 2019). The volume examines the evolution and spread of world religions from 800-200 BCE and asks: was there an Axial Age? Levine co-authored chapters on North China (with Barend ter Haar of University of Hamburg), Cahokia (with Peter Peregrine of Lawrence University) and Cambodia (with Miriam Stark of University of Hawaii). 

Press Release - Seshat