Lansdowne Lecture - Dr. Allyson Poska

Dr. Allyson Poska History Department, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. 

“History, the Humanities, and the Promise of Possibilities”
7:30 pm
Thursday January 30th, 2014
David Turpin Building, Room A102

During this time of shrinking educational resources, politicians and the media often promote the sciences as the engine for social and economic progress.  This presentation argues that the humanities are the foundation of intellectual innovation.  As such education and research in the humanities provide the best promise of possibilities for the future.

Dr. Poska is a dynamic and wideranging scholar who studies gender, religion and social relations.  She is professor of History at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia and is the author of several books.  Her temporal focus is early modern and her research is transatlantic in scope, involving both Spain and Latin America.