12-13 Undergraduate Research Scholarships

We are now accepting applications from students for the 2012-13 Undergrad Research Scholarships.

The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA) was instituted in 2009-10 as the Undergraduate Research Scholarship program by the Vice-President Academic and Provost. It is designed to provide support for exceptional undergraduate students who might otherwise not be able to obtain a direct research experience as a part of what we anticipate should be a truly formative learning experience. The Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) administers the award nomination process on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

Eligible students include all full-time 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students (normally registered in 12 or more units of study in the Winter Session) in excellent academic standing (normally this is a minimum GPA requirement of 7.0). Award recipients will undertake a research investigation in dialogue with, and under the mentorship of, a faculty supervisor. Each academic unit is eligible for 1, 2 or 3 student nominations per year depending on the number of students in the unit. Each successful student receives $1,500 credited directly in their UVic account.

History is eligible to nominate 3 students.  All applicants must have a potential supervisor.  For honours students, their honours thesis counts as the piece of research they are required to do.

The application deadline is June 1st

Please send completed applications to histao@uvic.ca