History Department Announces New Strategic Goals

The four high-level goals are: 

Goal 1:  Research Excellence and Impact: To continue to be recognized for the outstanding quality of our research. 

Goal 2:  Foster an extraordinary academic and learning environment: To maintain and foster in new ways a vibrant and collegial departmental environment conducive to innovation, productivity, and quality in teaching and to offer our undergraduate and graduate students a challenging, inspiring, and skills-based grounding in historical and critical thinking in a supportive environment that prepares them for post-degree training/careers and provides the tools for critically-minded citizenship. 

Goal 3: Impact Beyond the Academy:  To continue to be recognized as a leader in promoting the understanding of the importance of history through our public engagement, institutional and community partnerships, and community-based teaching and learning

Goal 4:  Foster and Reflect Diversity, Respect, Reconciliation, and Critically Engaged Citizenship. To build a sustainable, respectful community that promotes respect for the full range of human diversity and reflects the university’s commitment to equity and in particular to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s goals to support the success of Indigenous students and raise awareness of the history of colonialism, locally and globally.

To see the whole Strategic Goals Document click here.