Lansdowne Lecture: Dr. Kelly DeVries on the Siege of Rhodes

Dr. Kelly DeVries Professor of Medieval History, Loyola University Maryland, USA and General Mark W. Clark Visiting Professor of Military History at the Citadel

Using the Sieges of Rhodes, 1480 and 1522, as a Laboratory to Study Changes in Early Gunpowder Weapons and Defenses Against Them

Thursday, 26 January, 2012, 7:30 pm Hickman Building, Room 105

Presented by the Department of History

Kelly DeVries is the professor of medieval history at Loyola University in Maryland. He currently holds the General Mark W. Clark Visiting Professorship of Military History at the Citadel. DeVries is a leading expert in medieval military history, with a focus on war and technology. He is the author of thirteen books including: Medieval Military Technology; Rhodes Besieged: Stone, Cannon, and Men; Joan of Arc: A Military Leader; Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century: Discipline, Tactics, and Technology; and The Norwegian Invasion of England in 1066.