I-witness field school

Iwitness field school
Expand your horizons and encounter life-changing experiences on the I-witness Field School.

"It can bring you to a place that most classrooms can't."

The purpose of the Field School is to explore the ways in which the Holocaust is memorialized in Central Europe and to build an understanding of how the lessons of the Holocaust are relevant in today’s world.

Students in this 3 unit, 400-level course have the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of antisemitism, racism, religious intolerance, homophobia and the stigmatization of the mentally and physically disabled communities. 

Never forget! -UVic Holocaust Field School

Watch the Humanities Field School video - there is something in each field school that can't be learned in class!

Introducing the 2016 I-witness Field School

2016 Field School Project Blog.

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We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the following people and organizations who donated to the 2018 Field School  

Ayers, Sandi-Jo

Rauch, Bernard

The Pekarsky Family Foundation

Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island

Parker-Jervis, Noel

Baker, Arlette

Jensen, Karen

Oppenheimer, Robert

Conway, Zita

Menczer, Micha

Siegel, David

Hollins, Leah

Matous, Edith

Hands Wilson, Lesley

Bleviss, Morris

Schultz, Joan

Rauch, Bernard

Rauch, Bernard

Victoria Society for Humanistic Judaism

Sheilds, Laurene

Parker-Jervis, Noel

Special thanks to April and David Katz for giving a significant donation to create the Zena and Chaim Katz Family Memorial, which provides student scholarships for the I-witness Field School. 

All of these generous community gifts and personal donations helped make this program possible.