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(l to r) Emma Stuart is the administrative officer, Ally Poniedzielnik was the pre-grant administrative assistant, Jasmine Desjardins is the research coordinator, Charlotte Loppie is the Associate Dean Research, Heather Cumming was the post-grant administrative assistant.

The HSD Research Support Centre—the only faculty-based research support service of its kind at UVic—will tell you that every funded study involves a complex series of steps to manage the process, from application to fund administration to reporting back to funding agencies. Given the community-based focus of much of HSD’s research, many initiatives involve more than one researcher, faculty, school, research centre, or community partner.

Read the HSD Strategic Research Plan.

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Our latest workshop (with Dr. Marilou Gagnon, Dr. Francis Lau, and Dr. Nathan Lachowsky) is now online. Watch Sharing of Minds Grant Writing Workshop for Early Career Researchers. You'll learn about grant proposal writing and strategies to getting your program of research funded.

Dr. Debra Sheets talks about her research in our latest Research Circle video. Debra's research explores opportunities for persons living with dementia and their caregivers to interact in the arts and their communities. 

Dr. Doris Kakuru is interviewed regarding her work in Uganda with young women. Her research takes on a social justice perspective and is centered on various issues affecting children and youth in families and communities. Annah Kamusiime, Doris' research partner, also speaks about their work.

Check out the HSD Research Circle and watch Dr. Charlotte Loppie interview various HSD professors and research assistants. Video interviews are added regularly.

Watch a workshop, Inside the Minds of Grant Reviewers and Grant Recipients, to learn more about the grant process. Dr. Nathan Lachowsky explores the tips and tricks of appealing to grant reviewers. Dr. Tamara Krawchenko delves into the pitfalls in grant applications and discusses reviewers' pet peeves. Dr. Kate Jongbloed reveals her experience as a grant applicant and what lessons she learned.

We help HSD researchers at all career levels by providing:

  1. Peer review and research mentorship
  2. Information sessions
  3. Workshops and seminars
  4. New faculty and post-doctoral orientation sessions

Some of the supports we provide to busy researchers include:

  1. Supporting research excellence and accountability through pre- and post-grant services. These services include assisting with grant applications, completing budgets, updating online CCVs, processing paperwork for hiring Research Assistants, submitting expense claims, and helping with other grant management paperwork. 
  2. Building research capacity by mentoring and supporting faculty members.
  3. Building a culture of research excellence across all schools.
  4. Establishing strong academic leadership.

Contact us to find out more about how we can support HSD faculty in research excellence.

Job Posting for Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist wanted for HEADS-UP! 2 community-based research study

HEADS-UP! 2, a community-based research study about cognitive health and service access for people living with HIV, is looking for someone to assist with transcribing 15 interviews (1-2 hours each).

Work period
1-2 months (with possibility of extension), starting as soon as possible.

Pay rate negotiable.

If interested, please contact  by August 12, 2022.

Job Posting for Undergraduate Research Assistant

Immediate Supervisor

Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Timing of Position
August 22nd, 2022 to December 31st, 2022 (100 hours, approximately 4.5/hours per week)

$17.12/hour plus 4% vacation pay

Study Title
Life on Edge: Climate Emergency Hotspots and Alternative Ecological Futures across Coastal Communities

Some communities are affected more intimately and intensely by the lived-experiences of climate emergencies than others. Residents living along oceanic edges brace for dramatic changes in their seascapes with varying degrees of preparedness. Some are forced to relocate. Through a mixed methods approach, including quantitative and qualitative research, this study examines the layered relationships between climate emergency declarations, the democratization of climate change knowledge and transformative policy justice.

An environmental justice lens informs this research to examine how coastal communities along the edges of Canada and the United States are living with the realities of climate change and envision alternative ecological futures. This project will address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #10, #3, #14 and #15 to emphasize the following policy areas: a) climate displacement; b) mental and reproductive health; c) marine life, including plant and animal wellbeing.

To address the guiding question of what are the implications of climate emergency declarations for democracy, this research will:

  1. Document and visualize State of Emergency and Climate Emergency; declarations in Canada, the United States and globally, via text-based and interactive online publications
  2. Examine the links between emergency planning, response, preparedness and democracy in select coastal communities
  3. Analyze leadership and policy perspectives on climate emergency governance at multiple sites of government and governance
  4. Amplify community voices, including the voices of those often deemed vulnerable, such as pregnant women, children and Indigenous peoples and the elderly
  5. Mobilize environmental knowledge, promote ecological awareness and education for social justice and climate action.

Job Description

  • Content analysis: The applicant for this position will be responsible for supporting a scoping review of media and of academic literature with a focus on environment and health-related state of emergency declarations across levels of government, climate emergencies, experiences of extreme weather-related events in coastal communities, climate justice, vulnerability and policy impact. They will support the research team to identify and determine research gaps and opportunities for development.
  • Knowledge mobilization: the applicant will also identify creative avenues for community partner collaboration and knowledge mobilization, including emergent storytelling platforms and technologies such as storymaps, twine and digital storytelling.
  • Analysis and reporting: The applicant will provide additional support with community report development, data collection, coordination, analysis, and dissemination.


  • Enrolled in an undergraduate degree at a Canadian university in an area related to the study description such as public administration, public policy, environmental studies, political science, communications, public health and social policy, geography
  • In-depth knowledge of environmental justice, intersectionality-based policy analysis, design justice, and equity approaches to public administration and public policy are an asset
  • Strong research, writing and communication skills
  • Experience with relevant research technologies and storytelling platforms, such as MS Teams, bibliographic referencing software (e.g. Zotero), NVivo; MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), storymaps, twine, etc.
  • Project planning and coordination experience
  • Ability to work independently and in a hybrid research team environment
Please submit CV/resume with references and 1-page cover letter reflecting on the project description, your passion for the subject matter and qualifications above by Monday, August 15th 2022 to: .

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