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HSD Research Centre Team
(l to r) Emma Stuart is the administrative officer, Ally Poniedzielnik was the pre-grant administrative assistant, Jasmine Desjardins is the research coordinator, Charlotte Loppie is the Associate Dean Research, Heather Cumming was the post-grant administrative assistant.

The HSD Research Support Centre—the only faculty-based research support service of its kind at UVic—will tell you that every funded study involves a complex series of steps to manage the process, from application to fund administration to reporting back to funding agencies. Given the community-based focus of much of HSD’s research, many initiatives involve more than one researcher, faculty, school, research centre, or community partner.


Dr. Charlotte Loppie, Associate Dean Research
 |  250-853-3109

Kathy Jang, Assistant to the Associate Dean

Emma Stuart, Administrative Officer
| 250-721-7048

Jasmine Desjardins, Research Coordinator
| 250-721-6468

Jean Dickson, Administrative Assistant (pre/post-grant)
 |  | 250-721-7049

Twitter @HSDResearch

HSD Research Support Centre
Human & Social Development Bldg. Room B241
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2

  1. Support research excellence and accountability through pre- and post-grant services.
  2. Build research capacity by mentoring and supporting faculty members.
  3. Build a culture of research excellence across all schools.
  4. Establish strong academic leadership.
  1. Peer review and research mentorship
  2. Information sessions
  3. Workshops and seminars
  4. New faculty and post-doctoral orientation sessions

Nominate someone for an HSD Research Excellence Award: Guidelines | Nomination Cover Page

Apply for an HSD Internal Grant: Guidelines | Application Cover Page

Attend Sharing the MINDS workshop (Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - noon to 1:00 PM) and learn about grant proposal writing and strategies to getting your program of research funded. Dr. Marilou Gagnon, Dr. Francis Lau and Dr. Nathan Lachowsky are speakers. Download information page.

Check out the HSD Research Circle and watch Dr. Charlotte Loppie interview various HSD professors and research assistants. Video interviews are added regularly.

Watch a workshop, Inside the Minds of Grant Reviewers and Grant Recipients, to learn more about the grant process.

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