Graduate Diploma FAQ

In addition to courses, are there required activities?

Yes. In addition to your course work, there are 2 activities you are required to participate in:

  • Last week in August - an online four day orientation to the program and learning support opportunities.
  • Last week in April or first week in May at the end of your program - online culminating conference to demonstrate your program learning.

How does online learning work?

All courses are delivered using web-based technologies. You will be using a course management system called CourseSpaces to access your course information and communicate with your instructor and fellow students. You will also use a web-based tool called Blackboard Collaborate real-time discussions and presentations. To learn more about how online courses work visit Technology Integrated Learning.

How many courses are required to complete the Graduate Diploma in Public Health program?

You complete 12 units of coursework in the Graduate Diploma.

How long do I have to complete the Graduate Diploma?

The Graduate Diploma in Public Health can be completed full-time in 2 years (5 consecutive academic terms). You have up to 4 years to complete the program.

When do I have to decide what my area of focus will be?

You indicate your anticipated area of focus when you apply to the program.

How are the practice experiences arranged?

You will work with a practicum coordinator to arrange your practice experience.

Can I switch from the Graduate Diploma program to the MPH program?

If you are enrolled in the Diploma program (pre-practicum) and want to change to the MPH program, you will be required to meet with the academic advisor and put your request in writing to the Director of the School. If you have completed the diploma requirements, you will be required to submit a full application to the MPH program and complete required courses including the practicum and project. In both scenarios you must hold a minimum of a B+ (6.0) GPA in the Diploma program and have approval from .

Is there a specific order in which courses must be taken in the Graduate Diploma program?

There is a recommended program plan.

Where can I get advice or assistance to help me with my study skills?

The University of Victoria Counselling Services, The Learning and Teaching Centre (Math and Stats and Writing help), local colleges, high school and community centres offer courses on time management, rapid reading, English composition, study skills, etc.