Required courses

Diploma in Public Health (12.0 units)

The Graduate Diploma requires a minimum of 12.0 units. The 12.0 units are made up of 4.5 units of core courses, 3.0 units of courses from the chosen area of focus, practicum (1.5 units), culminating report (1.5 units) and 1.5 units of elective.

Core Course Requirements (4.5 units)

Area of Focus (3.0 units)

One of Three Areas of Focus (3.0 units required in one area)

Indigenous Health Studies

Social Policy

Additional Program Requirements (4.5 units)

Program Length

The part-time Graduate Diploma program can be completed in just over 1.5 years (5 academic terms). All students, whether part-time or full-time, have four years to complete the program

Graduate Diploma Program Plan