Program goals

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  1. work as a member of an inter-professional team to promote health and prevent disease within the population;
  2. creatively analyze public health issues from diverse perspectives with a demonstrated understanding of the impact of complex systems on the health of the population;
  3. engage in public health-related decision-making at the level of the individual, community, population, and government;
  4. effectively work with community in strategic development of public health programs;
  5. demonstrate leadership in the design and implementation of public health strategies and policies;
  6. effectively communicate public health knowledge within inter-professional and public domains;
  7. critically analyze a broad range of public health policies and other intervention strategies from a social justice/equity perspective;
  8. demonstrate knowledge of public health principles including ethical, legal and social dilemmas and debates impacting the health of the population;
  9. demonstrate knowledge and skills required to critically appraise public health strategies and research;
  10. apply public health research strategies in the design and evaluation of community-based initiatives;
  11. effectively use knowledge translation and dissemination strategies for individuals, communities, populations, and government.