Career possibilities

Griffin Russell displaying a Naloxone kit

Griffin Russell works with Island Health as the Regional Harm Reduction Coordinator and recently won a 2017 BC Health Care Hero award from the Health Employers Association of BC for his work on the Take Home Naloxone program.

Britt Swoveland on the UVic campus

While completing her Master in Public Health, Britt Swoveland manages the RadonAware campaign for the BC Lung Association. She develops public health policy and educational programs regarding exposure to environmental toxins.

Alexandra Kent using a computer

Alexandra Kent (BA, MPH) is the research coordinator at the UVic Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement and a sessional instructor in the School of Public Health and Social Policy.

Brianne DeMan downtown

Brianne DeMan coordinates the Binners’ Project in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The project fosters social and economic inclusion, builds community resilience and stronger community networks while diverting recyclables from the landfill.

What can I do with a degree in public health and social policy?

Our programs prepare students to work in health and community services, including governmental and non-profit organizations, primary, home and community care, health promotion and public health. Our graduates are experienced in providing system, program, research and administrative support.

Some career options for our graduates

What can I do with a degree in health and community services?

  • Community worker
  • Health administrator
  • Health advocate
  • Health literacy specialist
  • Health educator
  • Health promoter
  • Health system navigator
  • Healthy communities planner
  • Human resources volunteer coordinator
  • Non-profit leadership
  • Prevention specialist
  • Project coordinator
  • Resource/fund development coordinator

What can I do with a master's degree in public health?

  • Child health advocate/coordinator
  • Community development
  • Disability advocacy
  • Environmental health officer
  • Healthy communities planner
  • Health education coordinator
  • Health policy analyst/advisor
  • Health promotion facilitator
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Health researcher
  • Public health inspector
  • Public health nurse manager
  • Research project coordinator/manager
  • Seniors advocacy

Develop your career

Meet our alumni

Alexandra Kent

Research Coordinator
Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement

Alex provides leadership and support for research initiatives, such as Aboriginal Knowledge and Ways of Knowing Catalyst Grant and Indigenous Mentorship Network of the Pacific Northwest. She works closely with research partners and investigators to engage in community-driven research. Read more

Health & Community Services - BA (2014), MPH (2017)

Griffin Russel

Regional Harm Reduction Coordinator
Island Health, Shared Services BC

Griffin’s key focus is promoting equitable access to harm reduction supplies across Vancouver Island, including safer sex supplies, safer injection and inhalation supplies, Take Home Naloxone, and affiliated information resources and clinical care. His job includes educating and training staff, both externally and internally, focusing on cultural competence, person-centred care and trauma-informed practices to promote safe spaces and interactions with care providers. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2015)

Darby MacWilliam

Outreach Van Coordinator

Darby oversees the Outreach Van program, a joint program between four different organizations in Whitehorse that provides harm reduction supplies and education, warm clothing, hygiene products, referrals, light snacks, street counselling and street nursing to the community members of Whitehorse. Darby’s role involves presentations and education, advocacy on behalf of clients and services and lots of other program coordination duties. Read more

Health & Community Services - BA (2016)

Laura McQuillan

Project Coordinator
CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health

Laura is responsible for working collaboratively with Canada’s circulatory and respiratory health research community and stakeholders to deliver research funding opportunities, enhance partnerships and assist in the translation of research evidence into practice to improve the health of Canadians. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2015)

Stephanie Parent

Project Coordinator, Viral Hepatitis Research Program
BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

In her role, Stephanie supports research that investigates protective and risk factors for hepatitis C re-infection amongst people who inject drugs in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2015)

Brianne De Man

Administrative and Operations Coordinator
Binners' Project

The Binners' Project is a non-profit organization that works to provide legitimate working opportunities for Binners in Vancouver, and fosters social and economic inclusion, builds community resilience and stronger networks, and engages on sustainability issues. Brianne assists the staff team and our group of Binners with the daily operations of the Project, and helps to coordinate the programs within the Binners' Project. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2016)

Shannon Clarke

Healthy Communities Planner
Capital Regional District

Shannon works collaboratively with community partners across all sectors to develop strategies and initiatives to improve health and well-being in the region. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2014)

Germaeline van der Lee

Health Promotion Facilitator II
Alberta Health Services Population, Public and Indigenous Health

Germaeline specializes in knowledge translation and evaluation of public health programs, initiatives and policies that focus on early childhood, reproductive health, and children and youth within Alberta. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2014)

Jennifer Taylor

Senior Consultant Learning and Development
Health Link 811 Alberta

Jennifer works on the Operational Leadership Team for Health Link 811 Alberta. She helps create and implement provincial programs for Alberta Health Services in community/public health nursing teletriage. She is regarded as an education expert and develops all learning materials for the programs for all Health Link 811 staff. Read more

Public Health - MPH (2015)

Shannon Moffat

Child Health BC Regional Coordinator
Island Health

Shannon's role relies on partnerships between varied disciplines and practice settings across the province to plan and implement quality initiatives aimed at improving the health of children and planning a rational system of care. Shannon also holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UVic (2003).

Public Health - MPH (2015)