Nicholas XEMŦOLTW̱ Claxton

Nicholas XEMŦOLTW̱  Claxton
Assistant Professor
School of Child and Youth Care
Office: HSD B140

PhD (UVic)

Nick’s teaching and research is centered on the revitalization and resurgence of Indigenous knowledges through community-based and land-based research and education. Nick’s doctoral research was focused on the revitalization of his First Nation’s community’s traditional fishing practice. Using a framework for Indigenous Resurgence, his doctoral research project focused on the revitalization and restoration of the SX̱OLE. His dissertation tells the story of how the “researcher” pulled together the disappearing knowledge of the SX̱OLE, reinvigorated cross border cooperation between the W̱SÁNEĆ and their Xwelemi relatives, and how after being named ȻWENÁLYEN, or the Reef Net Captain through ceremony was able to coordinate the community-based creation and fishing of the first SX̱OLE on Canadian waters in 100 years. This project was community based, and involved and reconnected many elders, youth, and community members. This project marked the beginning of a longer-term journey of resurgence and intergenerational resilience.