Name Area Contact
Dr. James Anglin
PhD (Leicester), Emeritus professor
  • Assessment of education and training needs in human services
  • Parent education and parent support
  • International child and youth care
  • Residential child and youth care
  • Quality assurance in child and family services
  • Child advocacy and youth in care
PhD (UVic), Emeritus professor
  • Prevention of violence in peer-relationships, families, schools and communities and online
  • Gender and violence
  • Violence resilience
PhD (Berkeley), Emeritus professor
  • Early childhood care and development
  • Youth migration in armed conflict
  • Reproductive justice
  • Multilingual education
  • Mental health and addictions
Dr. Gordon Barnes
PhD (York), Emeritus professor
  • Substance use
  • Families, child and youth care
Dr. Roy Ferguson
PhD (Alberta), Emeritus professor
  • Children’s health care and child life practice/environmental design
  • Children with disabilities/special needs and their families
  • Distance education and educational collaboration
PhD (UVic), Emeritus professor


  • Adolescent girls' development/eating disorders
  • Family counselling
  • Identity issues
BA, MS (Portland St), PhD (Ore)
  • Early childhood education, care and development (ECD)
  • International development and ECD
  • Graduate level ECD leadership development
  • ECD in sub-Saharan Africa
  • ECD and Indigenous communities.

Dr. Frances Ricks
PhD (York), Emeritus professor

  • Ethics in child and youth care
  • consciousness, presencing and ethical practice

Dr. Daniel Scott
PhD (UVic), Emeritus professor

  • Children and adolescent spirituality
  • Spiritual development and the lives of early adolescents
  • Qualitative research: poetic inquiry, autoethnography and narrative