Sibylle Artz

Sibylle Artz
School of Child and Youth Care

BA, MA, PhD (UVic)

Area of expertise

Collaborative community-based focused on the prevention of violence in peer-relationships, families, schools and communities and online; gender and violence; violence resilience.

Sibylle Artz, PhD, is a Full Professor and a former Director of the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria. Her research focuses on aggression and violence. She has published more than sixty-five refereed articles, written two books, Feeling as a Way of Knowing (1994) and Sex, Power and the Violent School Girl, (1997) and co-edited a third book Working Relationally with Girls, (2004), with Dr. Marie Hoskins. She is the co-founder and current editor of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies and engages in collaborative, community-based research that helps to prevent violence in peer-relationships, families, schools and communities, and online.

Research interests

Collaborative community-based focused on the prevention of violence in peer-relationships, families, schools and communities and online; gender and violence; violence resilience


Sibylle’s community-based collaborative research projects include: a five year project, entitled A Community Based Violence Prevention Project that was instrumental in reducing school based violence in the participating district by 40-50% conducted with co-principal investigator, Dr. Ted Riecken, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria; A Community-Based Approach for Dealing with Violent Under Twelve Year Old Youth; with Research Associate, Dr. Diana Nicholson, collaborative work was undertaken with service providers entitled, Developing Girls’ Custody Units: A Project in Two Phases; a project that involved three Vancouver Island communities entitled, Developing a Gender-Sensitive Community Needs Assessment Tool for Supporting At-Risk Girls and Young Women; a project entitled, Homelessness Outreach Project for Single Parent Families; also with Dr. Diana Nicholson, a CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) in partnership with the CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child Youth and Health (IHDCYH), Newly Emerging Team Program. Entitled, Aggressive and Violent Girls: Contributing Factors Developmental Course and Intervention Strategies, and two current projects involving collaboration with a local alternative school entitled, implementing Innovative Strategies for Reducing Aggression and Violence in At-risk Mothers and their Babies and Documenting an Integrated Childcare Program’s Ability to Support At-risk Young Mothers and their Children, followed by a project entitled: Building Cross Agency Capacity to Prevent Sexual Exploitation of Youth which she conducted with her colleague Dr. Mandeep Kaur Mucina. She is currently a Member, International Advisory Board on a 4-year study (2019-2023) entitled, Understanding the resilience pathways of adolescent students with experience of physical family violence: The interplay of individual, family and school class risk and protective factors, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, a project that is headed by Dr. Wassilis Kassis, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland, with whom she has had a research association since 2008.

She was chosen in 1998, as Academic of the Year by the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia, and in 2004, received the Award of Distinction for Research from the McCreary Youth Foundation of Vancouver. In 2008, she received a Leadership Victoria Award for her many years of community-based research.