Name Title Phone Email
Katherine Woodhouse, BA (UVic) Academic Administrative Officer 250-721-7980
Kathy Harrison, BA (UVic), MA (UVic) Undergraduate Adviser 250-721-7984
Michelle Koroll, BA (UVic), MA (UVic) Practicum Coordinator 250-721-6371
Christine Shelton, BA (MSVU), MEd Adult Education (MSVU) Undergraduate Program Manager 250-721-7988
Debbie Robinson Assistant to the Director 250-472-5745
Margo McCanney Undergraduate Admissions/Advising & Program Assistant 250-721-7979
Sierra Jasper, BA (UVic) Undergraduate Program Assistant 250-721-7979
Caroline Green Graduate Program Assistant 250-472-4857 or
TBC Undergraduate Program Assistant 250-721-7979