Application deadline for September 2021 entry:

January 15, 2021

Note: In order to allow time for your references to be received, it is recommended you apply early.

How to apply

Our next intake will be September 2021, with limited enrolment.

Applying to UVic online is easy. You will find full instructions on the main UVic website. If you are unable to complete the online application, please contact Graduate Admissions and Records.

Admission requirements

You will need a minimum B+ average and a Master's degree in child and youth care or an allied discipline that demonstrates research experience and a capacity to conduct research. If your previous degrees didn't have a research component, you will need to undertake and write a qualifying research activity.

All short-listed PhD applicants will be required to participate in a telephone-based interview as part of the overall screening and application process.

If accepted, you will be assigned one faculty member as your primary supervisor and one to serve on your supervisory committee. Admission to the program is restricted by the availability of faculty supervisors.

You are strongly encouraged to apply for external funding. Be sure to indicate on your application where you have applied for funding.

All short-listed candidates will be interviewed and the interview can be completed via telephone- or video-conference.

Application checklist

Apply now!

PLEASE NOTE: Information updated September 17, 2018.

You need to upload your supporting documents to your online application. You are able to save and return to your application. Your application can not be processed without the application fee.

  • Complete a Graduate Admissions online application and pay the application fee.
  • Upload unofficial transcripts from each post-secondary institution you have attended. If you are admitted to the program, you will be required to provide official transcripts to Graduate Admissions and Records in a sealed envelope from the institution.
  • Two academic references - Applicants must provide the names and professional email addresses of two academic referees in the online application. Once an application has been completed, referees will receive notification by email, stating that they have been identified by the applicant to provide an academic assessment. In this email, referees will be given the name of the applicant, program/degree, and term to which the applicant is applying, and will be asked to submit their assessment using a secure, online reporting system.
  • Two professional references (i.e., from referees who have directly supervised your professional practice) on SCYC professional reference form
  • Courses in progress: If you are currently enrolled in courses or will be completing additional coursework before your entry point to the University of Victoria, please submit a courses in progress form.
  • Language competency results (mandatory for all international students whose first language is not English)
  • GRE scores, if available, not required.
  • A sample of academic writing that demonstrates critical engagement with the scholarly literature.
  • Letter of Intent: This is an important part of the application process. It provides an opportunity for the admissions committee to consider the degree of compatibility between the PhD program and your preparation and aspirations. It should be one to two typed pages outlining:

    1. relevant background
    2. your past and current research interests
    3. future professional goals and your work's potential contribution to the field of child and youth care; children, youth and family service
    4. Faculty members with whom you wish to study. You will need to identify two faculty members on the online application.
  • A sample of academic writing that demonstrates critical engagement with the scholarly literature. You may use a paper from your Master's degree.
  • A complete work, education and training history resumé that differentiates paid employment from unpaid/voluntary work.

How the admissions process works

After Graduate Admissions and Records receives your application materials, the admission process involves the following steps:

  1. An admissions officer in Graduate Admissions and Records makes sure your GPA meets their requirements and that all required supporting documents have been submitted.
  2. If the application is complete, it is forwarded to the School of Child and Youth Care graduate program.
  3. The School's graduate admissions committee reviews the applications.
  4. Offers of admission are usually sent out in mid to late March.