PhD requirements

General PhD program detail

The program consists of 30 units (most term-long courses are 1.5 units). You will be expected to enrol in 7.5 units of core courses focused on theory and research methods, with additional course work if necessary as determined by your committee. These core classes take place on campus in Victoria and can usually be completed in the first eight months to one year.

Additional units consist of:

  • 3.0 units minimum of electives in content areas or methods relevant to your doctoral research
  • a candidacy exam 3.0 units
  • a dissertation 16.5 units

The maximum time limit for the PhD program is seven years. It is expected that full-time students can complete the degree in three to four years.

You will need to be on campus in Victoria for the 7.5 units of core courses. The advanced research methods courses (3 units) provide a working knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research practices that pertain to inquiry in the examination of practice in child and youth care.

The advanced theory courses (total 4.5 units) provide a theoretical understanding of child and youth care practice, pedagogy and policy and the theories intrinsic to a CYC perspective on culture, context, and child and family development.

Core courses (on campus)
  • CYC 641 (3.0) Generating Knowledge in Child and Youth Care
  • CYC 643 (1.5) Qualitative Research in Child and Youth Care
  • CYC 645 (1.5) Quantitative Research in Child and Youth Care
  • CYC 671 (1.5) Social and Cultural Contexts of Child and Youth Care Policy, Practice, Research and Pedagogy
  • CYC 693 (3.0) Candidacy exam
  • CYC 699 (16.5) Dissertation
  • CYC 564 (1.5) Special Topics in Child and Youth Care Research
  • CYC 568 (1.5) Program Evaluation and Policy in Child and Youth Care
  • CYC 569 (1.5) Human and Organizational Change
  • CYC 571 (1.5) Youth Substance Use: Perspectives on Theory, Research and Practice
  • CYC 580 (1.5) Child and Youth Care in the Context of International Development
  • CYC 582 (1.5) Children's Survival, Health, and Development in Ecocultural Context
  • CYC 680 (1.5 or 3.0) Doctoral Seminar in Child and Youth Care
  • CYC 682A (1.5) Internship in Child and Youth Care Research
  • CYC 682B (1.5) Practice Internship in Child and Youth Care

The electives will increase research skills in specific methodological areas or to further develop areas of interest.

Note: PhD students have access to MA electives to supplement their course options. You may also take additional electives.

Directed studies courses involve individual work under the direct supervision of one or more faculty members. You will be responsible for approaching potential instructors and creating the course outline in consultation with them.

Before you can register in the course, the instructor and the school's graduate adviser must approve the course's content, credit value, and method of evaluation.

You will also need to complete a pro forma proposal form.