Fees and funding

A competitive funding package will be provided for all successful applicants to assist in the coverage of living and tuition expenses.

PhD students are funded through a combination of scholarships, research and teaching assistant fellowships, and teaching opportunities. PhD students are guaranteed funding for up to four years on the condition that the students maintain satisfactory progress. Financial packages will be provided at the time of admission into the PhD program and coordination of funding is through the PhD Program Office.

In addition, the PhD Program provides support for students to attend conferences and cover reasonable dissertation expenses.

Funding Opportunities

UVic Faculty of Graduate Studies Fellowships

All new applicants with a minimum grade of 7.0 (A-) are considered automatically for University of Victoria Graduate Studies Fellowships at the time of admission.  No separate application is required.

UVic PhD Fellowships - Up to $20,000 CDN may be awarded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to students of high academic standing registered full time in the faculty as candidates or provisional candidates for a degree.

UVic Graduate Awards –Up to $10,000 are available to full-time students registered in any year of a graduate degree program at UVic.

For general information on tuition, fees and budgeting, please see UVic’s Graduate Studies Fees & Funding.

Funding through Research and Teaching Experiences

Research, teaching and marking opportunities are coordinated through the PhD Program Office.

Research - In the first two years of the PhD program, students are paired up with a faculty member who will serve as a mentor and help them explore the academic environment. PhD students will work with their mentor to develop their research experiences.

Individual faculty members with external research grants may employ third and fourth year PhD students to help them with their research.

Teaching - In a student's third or fourth year of the PhD Program, students will also teach one undergraduate course; this is intended to help develop competencies in teaching. Subsequently, students can take advantage other paid teaching opportunities (as available).

Marking – The Gustavson School of Business has opportunities for paid part-time marking assistants for the undergraduate programs. Students can pursue these opportunities after the completion of their candidacy exams and/or as part of their teacher training experiences.

External Granting Agencies

The Government of Canada, through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) offers substantial fellowships to assist Canadian research and scholarship. If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, have completed or are about to complete a master's degree or a bachelor's degree in the humanities or social sciences, or are already pursuing a PhD, you are highly encouraged to apply for a doctoral award through SSHRC. Contact SSHRC in the summer, to find out about their deadline. The deadline is normally late October of each year.

Donor Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries

Each year, the PhD Program Office selects students to be nominated for University of Victoria Donor Awards, each with varying criteria (research excellence, academic excellence, research fit, country of origin). The program's award committee will select students to nominate based on achievements to date.

The University of Victoria’s Financial Aid office maintains a comprehensive list of scholarships and bursaries that PhD students may be qualified for and can apply directly to. These are often externally funded merit-based or needs-based awards.

Conference Travel and Dissertation Expenses

Attending academic conferences allows PhD students to gain feedback on their work and to connect with other scholars worldwide. The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS), and the Vice President Research established the Graduate Student Travel Grant Fund to support travel to conferences, meetings, workshops, or research activities. All full-time PhD students are eligible to apply for a travel grant once a year (April 1—March 31).

The Gustavson School of Business PhD Program office also provides funding for conference travel, and expenses related to data collection for a student's dissertation.

Tuition Fees

Information concerning graduate student's tuition and ancillary fees can be found on the Registrar's website.