Our admission criteria normally requires that:

We assess candidates based on their education, work and life experiences, personal statement, references, and GMAT or GRE scores.

Candidates do not need to secure a supervisor prior to starting the program, however, you should include the Gustavson faculty members you wish to work with as part of your application.

Please note that we offer admission on a two-year cycle. We have completed our admissions for September 2022. Our next admission point is September 2024, and the deadline for that cycle is January 30, 2024.

Application form

Apply to the University of Victoria Faculty of Graduate Studies using the My UVic Application.

Submit application fee

Submit the application fee: Please refer to Other Graduate Fees on the UVic Calendar:

GRE or GMAT scores

GRE or GMAT: All applicants will be expected to submit GRE or GMAT scores that are less than five years old. Applications are viewed holistically and so there is no pre-established minimum score requirement. However, competitive GMAT scores vary from year to year and are generally 650 or higher. It is important to note that we review the percentile scores of each component, and as this informs us of your ability in writing, quantitative analytical writing and integrated reasoning skills. Equivalent GRE scores are accepted. For GMAT information, visit or call 1-800-717-GMAT. The GMAT University of Victoria code: C2H-GB-24. For GRE information, visit  GRE University of Victoria code: 0989


Transcripts: We will begin evaluating your file based on the unofficial documents you upload as part of your online application submission. If you are offered admission to our program, you will be required to submit official documents at that time.

Your overall GPA in your Masters degree program will be used. The University has a consistent system to review and translate equivalent grades. In exceptional circumstances, applicants can be considered for direct admission to a doctoral program if they have completed a bachelor’s degree with an overall admission grade average of first class (“A-”) as per Graduate Studies Admission Requirements.

Language proficiency

Proficiency in the use of English: Applicants for admission whose first language is not English and who have not resided in Canada or any country where English is an official language of the country for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to the beginning of the session applied for must demonstrate competency in English. See the University of Victoria’s minimum acceptable scores. The University of Victoria accepts TOEFL and IELTS scores that are no older than two years. No conditional offers can be made without an English proficiency score that does not meet the University of Victoria’s minimum requirements. The University of Victoria's code for TOEFL scores is 0989.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae: A CV that summarizes the applicant’s education and work experience, research and publications, awards and distinctions, and any other relevant information is requested.

Statements of goals and research interests

Statements of Goals and Research Interests: Our process will also be influenced by the applicant’s response to a series of questions outlined below which are designed to provide some insight into their potential and aptitude as a PhD student. Their statements for questions 1-6 will be concise and limited to three pages.

  1. Why are you interested in pursuing a PhD?
  2. How does what we do here align with your own aspirations? What are your career plans?
  3. Why are you interested in studying at the Gustavson School of Business? Is there any research conducted at Gustavson that particularly interests you?
  4. Are there current issues in the world today that you would like to address in your research?
  5. Provide a 1 page statement of your research interest, and describe what motivates this interest, and how you intend to pursue this in our PhD Program.
  6. Give a candid appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses with special reference to the qualities that will contribute to success in a doctoral program.
  7. Submit a writing sample (thesis or other scholarly work).

Letters of endorsement

Appraisal Forms: We require three letters endorsing the applicant using the Faculty of Graduate Studies Assessment Report template. At least two of these appraisals should be from academics who know the applicant well enough to evaluate their capacity to conduct independent scholarly work. This form will be emailed to your referees when you provide their names on the online application form.

Please note that UVic Graduate Admissions lists that only two letters are required, but the Gustavson School of Business requires three.

Applicants are advised to provide letters in addition to the Assessment Report template form for each of the referees. Key points to include in the letter of support:

• nature and specifics of the referee's relationship to the applicant
• overview of the applicant's education and/or professional experience
• referee’s assessment of the applicant's prospects for success in graduate studies
• academic and/or professional accomplishments with which the referee is familiar
• any special honours, awards, recognition with which the referee is familiar

Referees receive an automated email from UVic with an assessment report witin 24-48 hours applicants submit and pay the fee. Referees will just have to reply to that email, filling out the assessment porition and attaching a reference letter.

More Information

To find out more about official documentation, visit the Graduate Studies website.

Please send all application materials to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office through the online application form.

All documents should be uploaded by January 30 at the latest to be considered for University of Victoria Graduate Fellowships.

In order to provide time for your referees to provide their recommendation letters by the deadline, it is recommended that you apply online by early January. 

Unofficial documents (transcripts, references, test scores) are acceptable in order to complete the preliminary evaluation of your file and grant a provisional offer of admission.  Later, if you are accepted into the program, official documents will be needed to confirm your final offer and allow you to register for courses.

All applicants are encouraged to contact the PhD Program office by email or phone well in advance of the application deadline to discuss the program and application process. We will gladly provide you with advice on putting your best application forward.

Contact or call (250) 721-6060.