Course information

The best place to see all of the courses offered at UVic is the online version of the graduate calendar. The calendar listing includes:

  • the name, number and title of the course
  • cross-listing information if applicable
  • the number of credit units
  • the grading
  • any pre- and/or co-requisites
  • any pertinent notes related to the course

Check out the accordions below to see how to find specific information about graduate courses at UVic.

Graduate calendar course information

The courses of instruction section of the calendar presents descriptions of all courses offered at the University of Victoria.

Also of interestED-D 600: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, offered by the Learning and Teaching Centre.

Program website course information

While the graduate calendar provides information on all graduate courses, it does not provide timetabling or scheduling details. Check out your program area to find out which of their courses they are offering and when.

Graduate studies by special arrangement and other courses

All UVic graduate courses are considered to belong to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Most are administered, scheduled and generally managed by the program area from which they come.

A small number of other graduate courses are managed by the dean's office. Learn about these special arrangement courses.

The Learning and Teaching Centre provides many resources and courses for graduate studies.

Taking courses outside of your unit

You can obtain permission to take courses outside of your academic unit but you won't be able to register for them using My page. You'll need to fill out a graduate course change form (add/drop course form).

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Three Minute Thesis (3MT)
Graduate Students' Society

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