Museum Studies

Excited by museums and galleries? Want to learn more about what happens behind the scenes for curators and exhibit planners? This dynamic minor works well with an Art History and Visual Studies degree or another major like Visual Arts, Medieval Studies or History. You’ll work directly with artworks, take a practicum, meet museum professionals and art experts and discover new ways of seeing.

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  • This program can be added to your primary degree studies as a "minor", enabling you to broaden your studies.
  • Declare your minor program after one or more years of full-time study at UVic.
  • Your academic advisor can help you plan your courses to ensure you meet the requirements of both your major and minor programs.

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  • Archivist
  • Art appraiser
  • Arts and culture coordinator
  • Audience engagement specialist
  • Conservator
  • Curator
  • Exhibit designer
  • Gallery administrator
  • Heritage consultant
  • Interpretative planner
  • Museum educator
  • Specialist librarian

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