Plein Air Painting

Victoria's weather allows for year-round Plein Air painting in our sculpture yard


Our professors are always ready and available to discuss your work

In the painting studio

Our program fosters both critical thinking and creative practice

Painting with Todd Lambeth

Our instructors are always prepared to engage with students in surprising ways

Enhance your degree . . . and your life

There are enormous benefits to developing your skills as an artist, whatever your field of study. Not only does an art practice increase creativity and your ability for visual analysis, but it can also enhance critical thinking and entrepreneurial insight. Our hands-on approach to art-making allows you to learn from your mistakes and explore ways to improve on your next project — essential skills for almost any professional practice, as well as life itself.

We offer a wide range of electives that will show you how to go from conception to creation, whether you’re interested in practicing art as an addition to studies in another area, are considering adding a Visual Arts minor to your degree or are thinking about becoming a Visual Arts major.

Non-majors can consider classes like

These other popular courses are required for anyone considering Visual Arts as either a major or a minor, but are also open to non-majors:

Questions? Fine Arts students can meet with our Academic Advisor in room 119 of the Fine Arts building, or simply .