The Studios for Integrated Media

The Fine Arts SIM labs are your go-to resource for all your creative technical needs


The Studios for Integrated Media (SIM) comprise multiple facilities and resources to help Fine Arts students, faculty and staff work creatively in the digital environment. Two multipurpose computer classrooms are available for teaching, workshops and research. As well digital music studios, housed in the School of Music’s MacLaurin building providing state-of-the-art workspaces for students and faculty to investigate, create and study music and music technology. (Access by permission of the School of Music)

The SIM also maintains a comprehensive equipment room where students, faculty and staff may sign out digital still and video cameras, lighting and grip gear, audio recording equipment and much more. The SIM lab and the equipment room are in the Fine Arts building rooms 215, 236, and 238/

The SIM is available to the Fine Arts faculty and staff, and all students currently enrolled in at least one course or program in the Faculty of Fine Arts.