Eric Power elected President of WESST

Eric Power
Eric Power

2017 April — Eric Power, a UVic electrical engineering student, was recently elected president of the Western Engineering Students’ Societies Team (WESST).

WESST is a coalition of engineering student societies across western Canada that focuses on sharing knowledge and best practices. WESST facilitates three conferences per year: Annual General Meeting Retreat, a retreat style conference that serves as our AGM; Executives Meeting, a more professional meeting designed to help student societies transition knowledge to incoming executives; and the Western Engineering Competition, where approximately 240 engineering students from across western Canada compete to earn a berth at the Canadian Engineering Competition.

The WESST President works with the other members of the WESST Executive to organize sessions at conferences, work on new initiatives, and support representatives of each member society with writing policy and setting long term goals for WESST.

Another part of the WESST President's responsibilities is representing every engineering student society in Western Canada to the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). In this role, the President sits on the CFES Board of Directors and works to ensure that the viewpoints of western Canadian engineering students are considered, providing a communication link from the CFES to these same students.

“My goal as I step into this position is to make sure that member schools are getting as much value from WESST as possible. I've been working with my incoming executive to revamp how we organize sessions to ensure that the sessions are focused on current issues that our member societies face. Additionally, we've started working on formalizing relationships with the different provincial engineering regulators, and working closer with the host schools for our conferences to make sure that every conference turns out as successful as possible”