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Faculty of Engineering
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PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

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Faculty of Engineering
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road
Engineering Office Wing, Room 248
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Office of the Dean

FAX 250-721-8676
DEAN and Professor Tom Tiedje 250-721-8612 EOW 248
Associate Dean Research Hausi Muller 250-472-4208 EOW 245
Assistant to the Dean Sandra Makosinski 250-721-8612 EOW 248 248
Administrative Officer-Operations/Finance Mary-Anne Teo 250-721-8615 EOW 243
Secretary (Dean's Office) Jennifer Holmes 250-721-8677 EOW 248


Senior Programmer Analyst Gary Duncan 250-721-8673 ELW A340
Senior Programmer Analyst Matthew Cormie 250-472-4204 ELW A336
Programmer Analyst Erik Laxdal 250-721-8734 ELW A338
Programmer Analyst Lynn Palmer 250-472-4200 ELW A202

Engineering Undergraduate Office

FAX 250-472-5323
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs LillAnne Jackson 250-721-8941 EOW 209
Engineering Undergraduate Administrative Officer Charlene Hewitt 250-472-5287 EOW 217
Assistant to the Associate Dean Mimi Lin 250-472-5322 EOW 206
Administrative Assistant Tracy Kirkendale 250-721-6023 EOW 206
Admissions/Advising Assistant Valerie Cross 250-721-8678 EOW 206
Admissions/Advising Officer LeAnne Golinsky 250-721-6018 EOW 211
Academic Advisor Belinda de Jong 250-472-5215 EOW 207
Academic Advisor Alejandra Montenegro 250-472-5216 EOW 219
Accreditation Analyst Margaret Gwyn 250-472-4051 EOW 206

Inter-Departmental Program Directors

Software Engineering Program Director Margaret-Anne Storey 250-472-5713 ECS 562
Biomedical Engineering Program Director (Acting) Xiaodai Dong 250-721-6029 EOW 439


Development Manager (ENGR/Science)
Development Co-ordinator (ENGR/Science/IMP) Andrew MacLean 250-472-4210 ECS 624
Development Officer (ENGR/Science/IMP) Nicole Boulet 250-721-6102 ELL 166
Alumni Giving Officer (ENGR/Science) Julia Keenan 250-472-5717 ECS 631
Campaign Director (ENGR) Katherine Blake 250-472-5871 EOW 203

Science Venture

Director Melisa Yestrau 250-721-8661 ELW A118