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Science Bites

Connect, socialize, and network with other UVic neuroscience faculty, graduate students,trainees, and post-doctoral fellows at this unique event hosted by the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association.

Working with public images of the Female Sexual Anatomy (16th-21st c.)

From Early Modern anatomical images to 3D prints, web forums, performances, and public postings, showing the female sexual anatomy has been a (political) statement…

A round-table with Hélène Cazes, Anthony Gavin, Tyler Fontenot and Olga Ziminova.

Organized by the research team Perfecta, The Perfection of the Female Body, 16-18 and the CSPT Program. With special thanks to ETCL, the Digital Scholarship Commons at Uvic Libraries ans SSHRC.

Jewish Spiritual Neighbours

Explore the diversity of spirituality in our community.


Last day for withdrawing from full year and second term courses without penalty of failure

UVic Gallery exhibits

Cleaning BC: The role of Wave Supplied Power in a Low-Carbon Energy System

The Living Without Oil Series: An Elder Academy Event

Dr. Buckham, Professor in the Department of of Mechanical Engineering, UVic.

As a renewable energy technology, wave energy converters (WECs) suffer a unique dichotomy: wave energy is accepted as a vast untapped natural energy supply with some competitive advantages, but theyremain an undervalued technology when compared to land-based renewable options. In BC, development of wave energy resources is hindered by a saturated energy market and cost-of-energy constraintsthat apply to any new generation capacity. However, there are a large number of communities that remain reliant on diesel fueled energy generation and there is a push at all levels of government tomitigate diesel consumption at these locations. For many of these communities, wave supplied power is the predominant renewable resource and presents the best opportunity to eliminate dieselconsumption– provided the technology can be operated without undue risk.

This presentation describes recent developments in WEC design and control, the state of new international standards for the WEC industry and how these efforts can serve BC communities.

To register: may register for free by emailing