Centre for Outreach Education (CORE)

The Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) is a multidisciplinary centre dedicated to enhancing the education of children and youth. Located at the University of Victoria, CORE is administered by the Faculty of Education under the guidance of the dean of Education and a steering committee composed of volunteer faculty members.

A generous bequest from an anonymous donor who was a retired primary school teacher provided the seed money for CORE. The donor's only stipulation was that the funds be used "for the benefit of children's education." All decisions about CORE's mission and services have been guided by that bequest.

CORE's aim is to fill unmet needs in the community, and to provide services to children and youth who need help the most. There are no fees for CORE's services.

Part of CORE's mandate is to offer its services and expertise off campus – for instance, to local schools and Indigenous communities – as well as welcoming the community to its on-campus space in UVic's MacLaurin Building.

CORE's activities are guided by principles of:

  • Outreach
  • Service
  • Enhancing the education of children and youth
  • Civic engagement
  • Connecting the expertise of the Faculty of Education with the needs of children and youth

Learn more about activities on the CORE website.