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Applications to our graduate programs are done through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. See their graduate admissions page for admissions, registration and records.

Our graduate programs

We offer graduate certificates and degrees in a variety of disciplines through:

Will Bratt - MA student - Counselling Psychology

Will"I decided to pursue a graduate degree because it provided the opportunity to deepen my understanding of my field of interest, it can open up career opportunities that an undergraduate degree cannot, and it gives me the chance to explore research areas with the guidance of helpful and competent mentors.

My thesis is a qualitative study that investigates how spiritual experiences are helpful to those who have survived interpersonal trauma.”

Tracey Coulter - MA student - Counselling Psychology

Tracy"My goal is to become a counsellor in the community, and the master's degree is pretty well essential! I am from Victoria and hope to continue being part of the community - choosing UVic was a natural choice.

My thesis is on how people who have experienced trauma have used music as part of their self-healing journey. My other interests are trauma in general, and sex and sexuality.”

Shane Goodridge - PhD student - Educational Studies

Shane“My supervisor’s mentoring and that of the UVic Education community have afforded me a supportive environment grounded in subject specific expertise that would be difficult to find elsewhere.

I would and have recommended graduate school at UVic to future students. UVic offers a vast array of scholarly expertise in a rigorous yet supportive atmosphere. There is truly something here for everybody!”

Lisa Starr - PhD student - Social, Cultural and Foundational Studies

Lisa"My dissertation research focuses on leadership identity as it informs philosophy and practice. Areas that inform my research include identity, reflexivity, autoethnography as method and qualitative methodologies. I am also passionate about teacher education, particularly inquiry-based and student centred learning, as well as the role of culture.

At UVic, I have had the honour and privilege of collaborating with brilliant peers and have been truly supported by the faculty and staff. Those interactions have far exceeded any expectations I may have had coming in.”

Lindsay McCardle - PhD student - Educational Psychology

Lindsay“I'm interested in athletes' self-regulated learning in their sports training and the potential for transfer of self-regulated learning skills and processes into a school context. I'm also interested in how coaches can support self-regulated learning in their athletes.

The best thing about graduate work at UVic is the team atmosphere we have in our lab between our supervisor and the graduate students. It's a very supportive and enriching environment.”

Elizabeth Webster - MA student - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

Liz“The best thing about being a graduate student in the Faculty of Education at UVic is the people. I have encountered some amazing people, from faculty to staff to other students, who have inspired and encouraged me in many different ways.

My research interests lie in the area of self-regulated learning, with a specific emphasis on emotions and emotion regulation. Though conducting research in this area, I hope to develop learning modules that help students to recognize and respond to their emotions in strategic and productive ways.”

Megan Kirk - MSc student - School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education

megan“My name is Megan Kirk and I am proud to have recently obtained my Master of Arts degree under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Rhodes in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education. I was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario and have spent the last seven years living in Victoria.  I graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation and Health Education.

This co-operative education degree provided me the opportunity to educate various populations, such as youth-at-risk, seniors, preschoolers, cancer patients, and people with special needs, about the importance of regular physical activity (PA). My current areas of interest include understanding the impact of life-change events and transitions on health behaviours. My master’s thesis involved looking into the physical activity patterns of new professionals during their early career transitions. In addition to my graduate training, I volunteer with the BC Cancer Agency and help organize the track and field events at Operation Trackshoes, an event for athletes with a disability.”