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Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Sarah Bonsor Kurki

Adolescent Girls’ Photography

What are adolescent girls’ photographic nexuses? How can their photos reveal their identities and how they are experiencing life? Questions explored in feminist, arts-based research.

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student studying

Teacher Education

Arrive as a student.  Leave as an educator.

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Meghan Filgate

Environmental Education hands on!

EDCI 454 Environmental Education student Meghan Filgate displays her hands-on Elementary Environmental Nature Centre for children.

EDCI 499

A vehicle for Indigenous learning & teaching

In the Faculty of Education, teaching and learning go hand in hand, but not always in traditional classrooms. Under the tutelage of local Indigenous knowledge keepers and a master carver, students are investigating and experiencing Straits Salish culture, language and ways of life through creation of a traditional ocean-going canoe.

Alexis Gartrell

Hands-on teaching experience

A graduate of the Faculty of Education, Alexis Gartrell values the extensive practical teaching time that UVic provided during her studies. She plans to teach overseas for a year and looks forward to seeing where teaching will take her in the future.

Teacher Education at UVic

Teacher Education

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Many of you will recognize this department as the consolidation of several smaller units from within the Faculty of Education into one of the largest academic units on campus.

We take pride in our diversity while celebrating our shared commitment to education and public schooling. We offer graduate degrees MEd, MA and PhD, and our undergraduate courses are a large part of both elementary and secondary Teacher education programs.

Curriculum and Instruction is one of UVic's largest departments. The interdisciplinary climate of the department appeals to a broad range of students. We continue to provide leadership and service to the faculty, universities, and other professional and research organizations.

Our programs

We're proud of our array of undergraduate and graduate programs that span a wide range of learning. The inclusion of such breadth facilitates the accommodation of diverse student interests and goals within the interdisciplinary climate of the department.

Collectively we are devoted to educational scholarship and reflection that emphasizes the convergence of theory and practice. We strive to provide a solid foundation for a wide range of interests amongst our students who come from across the spectrum of educational communities.