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Rupee and Corol Pallan were both students at the Faculty of Education when they met in the McPherson Library in the 1960s. They both had pretty rewarding careers in the public-school system as teachers with education degrees were fairly rare at the time. Rupee quickly became school principal and Corol taught elementary school for 23 years. Read the full story in The Torch.

After graduating from our BEd in Elementary Teaching program in Cranbrook, alumna Amanda Patterson realized her dream to become a primary school teacher in her home town of Kimberley, BC. © Zoe Ferguson - Learn Magazine

Faculty of Education alumni transform people and communities around the world through learning. From elementary school teachers to clinical psychologists to occupational therapist, our diverse alumni family is always focused on helping others.

Our alumni love to give back to the Faculty too. By volunteering their time, sharing their journey with current students or donating to help the next generation through scholarships.

We hope that if you are future alumni or a current alumni, you will continue to keep in touch and share your stories to inspire the future leaders in our communities. You can reach us anytime by emailing and by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are currently an alumni, the University of Victoria offers many benefits which you can find here.

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