Professional development

UVic offers a variety of credit and non-credit courses, programs and workshops that will appeal to professionals wishing to develop their skills.

Applying for undergraduate credit courses

If you've never attended UVic before, you must submit an application to Undergraduate Admissions.

Returning UVic students must complete an application to resume studies or change programs.

Non-credit courses

Continuing Studies in Education offers non-credit courses and workshops. Contact Continuing Studies to find out how to register.

You don't need to apply for admission or re-registration to take a non-credit course.

Course schedules (timetable)

Winter session course offerings are available for viewing at the end of May. Summer session course offerings are available for viewing at the end of February.

Go to the online timetable and select the term you want to attend: first term (fall), second term (spring), or summer session.

Next, search for the course by selecting a subject code and course number. Select 'Art Education' to look for A E courses, 'Curriculum and Instruction' to look for EDCI courses, 'ED Psychology and Leadership Studies' to look for ED-D courses, 'Indigenous Education' to look for IED courses, 'Intercultural Education and TR' to look for IET courses.

See the University of Victoria Calendar for course descriptions.

Undergraduate Studies

The courses and programs listed here are offered at the undergraduate level.

*administered by the Division of Continuing Studies

Courses normally available to all UVic students:

Art Education: AE 103A, 103B, 200, 201, 208, 303A, 303B, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 315, 317, 319, 322, 330, 422.

Counselling: ED-D 316, 414, 417, 418, 419

Educational Technology: EDCI 335, 337, 338, 339

Indigenous Education: IED 371, 372, 374, 473

Intercultural Education: IET 430

Music Education: EDCI 208, 308, 310, 311, 312

Supporting Learners Experiencing Difficulty with Literacy: EDCI 441 (prerequisite: one reading course), EDCI 442 (prereuisite: EDCI 441)

Teaching English to Second Language Learners: EDCI 447, 448

Master's Degree Programs

Doctoral Programs

Professional Development

Professional Development workshops and institutes, offered by Continuing Studies in Education in various formats, are non-credit educational events. They're designed to help teachers and others enhance their knowledge and skills in a particular area, in a brief intensive format. Professional development events are a great opportunity to network with colleagues from districts across the province.

Look under the Undergraduate studies tab if you'd like to take an undergraduate course or program for credit.

Look under the Master's programs and Doctoral programs tabs if you'd like to take a graduate program.

Teacher Salary Upgrade (TQS)

The Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) assigns salary categories based on academic qualifications. Visit the TQS website to learn how to upgrade to a higher salary category and get pre-approval for your area of study and courses. Be sure to get approval before registering for courses.

You may take 300 and/or 400-level undergraduate courses to upgrade to salary category 5 or 5+. You must complete a graduate program to qualify for salary category 6.

Not sure what to take?

  • The Diploma in Special Education (15 units) offered by the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies.
  • Take a Professional Specialization Certificate and combine it with additional related courses approved by the Teacher Qualification Service.
  • Consider the Diploma in Intercultural Education offered through Continuing Studies.
  • 15.0 units of coursework from a faculty other than Education. For example, if you are interested in social studies, consider 300 and/or 400-level courses from geography, history, political science and sociology.
  • Consider the Personalized Learning Institute offered by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. This combines on-campus studies in the summer session and online studies in the winter session.

You may also design your own 15.0 unit course set in consultation with the Teacher Qualification Service. See the 300 and/or 400-level undergraduate credit courses listed under the Undergraduate studies tab. 

Questions about ugrading a TQS salary category? Please contact the Teacher Qualification Service.