What our graduates do

UVic grads at convocation

Learn to be a leader both in the classroom and in the community. Our graduates are professional educators in a broad spectrum of educational settings that focus on lifelong learning.

You'll find our graduates working in careers like teacher, athletic coach, recreation director, corporate trainer and business manager. Visit Career Services for more information on careers.

Featured students

As a master's student in art education, Natalie Johnston knows how to creatively juggle an extremely busy schedule. As well as being a teacher in the Ottawa area, she coaches her school's senior girls basketball team and is an assistant coach for Algonquin College. She's also working on her Master's as well as her NCCP coaching certifications.

Underwater defence

MEd student, Mike Irvine, defends his project underwater.  

The power of formative places examined

Doctoral candidate Nick Stanger is researching “sense of place” and how formative places become transformative places.

Wonderful ways of knowing

By embracing the role of wonder in the learning process, Connie Morey has shown how it is a natural catalyst for discovery in young people especially from a non-Western point of view.

Morey was awarded the Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal (for excellence in a non-thesis master's program) for her master's in art education program on the role of wonder in the learning process. Her passion shines through as she explains that wonder is a natural catalyst for learning, it makes kids want to know but it doesn't lend itself to tidy fixed answers. Read more about Morey's award-winning research.