Curriculum Studies - International Cohort

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The Master of Education degree in curriculum studies (international cohort) offers educators a dynamic opportunity to work together in a two-year cohort. The courses in the program will focus on current issues and trends in education, and will address a range of theories and principles that guide teaching and learning. Students will conclude their program by developing an original graduating project based on their specific area of interest.

Students will complete 15 units (7 courses plus graduating project).

The typical program is 5 full fee payments. Current International Student fees.

Plese apply to MEd Curriculum Studies as this is the degree you will be in.

Subject to enrolment.

MEd in Curriculum Studies - International Cohort brochure

EDCI 591   Writing for Academic Purposes

EDCI 591   English Language Learning: Theory and Practice

EDCI 531   Critical Discourses

EDCI 532   Emerging Trends and Topics in Curriculum Studies

EDCI 580   Writing

EDCI 591   Personalized Learning

EDCI 598A Project Proposal and Literature Review

EDCI 598B Project

EDCI 597   Project Dissemination

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