Become a CORE tutor

Tutor hugs a student while working on math at Kwum Kwum Lelum

Betty works with a student at Kwum Kwum Lelum

Student works on his math fluency skills by playing Blackjack with his tutor

Will and his tutor work on building his math fluency with a game of Blackjack

Tutor works with a student on a patterning puzzle on the carpet at Kwum Kwum Lelum

Kirsten and Taralyn work on a patterning puzzle at Kwum Kwum Lelum

"The best thing about being a CORE tutor is that you make a difference in the students' life. Some kids have opened up to me about problems in their personal life, which takes a lot of courage, so seeing that over time was really sweet.  And helping kids gain confidence in themselves is really nice to see." - CORE tutor

CORE provides UVic Teacher Education students with valuable hands-on experience working with students with various needs in a supportive and fun learning environment.

Not a Teacher Education student but have relevant experience and love working with kids? We welcome the talent and experience that you bring, and we encourage you to apply!

What do CORE tutors do?

At CORE, tutors have the opportunity to work either in our on-campus or online program or in one of our outreach programs. Working at CORE is a valuable way to gain experience working with students with diverse learning needs, to develop and practice teaching skills while gaining relevant work experience. CORE’s outreach programs provide tutors with valuable experience working in community programs. If you are interested in becoming a CORE tutor, please contact the Coordinator at