Changes to BSENG courses

This page outlines recent major changes to the official UVic calendar that affect courses in the Software Engineering program.

May 2024

SENG360 will have a new prereq/co-req of CSC370.

New technical electives have been created:

  • SENG404 - Data Science for Software Engineering
  • SENG457 - Quantum Algorithms and Software Engineering
  • SENG477 - Safety and Assurance

The above technical electives will not be officially added to the SENG technical elective list until the September 2024 calendar. However, students have permission to take them now.

September 2023

CSC226 has a new prereq of STAT260.

New courses have been added to the SENG technical elective list:

  • CSC412 - Computing for Cognitive Augmentation
  • CSC413 - Designing Creativity Support Tools
  • CSC427 - Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics
  • ECE406 - Applied Cryptography

May 2023

ECE 458 has been renumbered ECE363. The course content remains the same and it will continue to be offered in term 3A (spring).

New courses have been added to the SENG technical elective list:

  • CSC402 - Systems for Massive Datasets
  • CSC428 - Computational Biology Algorithms

September 2022

SENG360 has a new prereq of either CSC361 or ECE458.

BSENG Core Course Prerequisite Flowchart

Last updated Fall 2023

BSENG Program Prerequisite Flowchart

The above flowchart is for reference only. Always confirm course prerequisites with the UVic Academic Calendar. Please report discrepancies to the BSENG Program Coordinator.