Program overview

UVic students working on a Popsicle stick bridge together in a lab
Get hands-on learning experience in and out of the classroom. Competing in the annual Popsicle Stick Bridge competition is a great way to see how much you've learned—while having fun!

Program overview

The Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Civil Engineering degree is a 5 year program, with 8 academic terms and 4 mandatory co-op work terms. Students are required to take 44 courses (70 credits), and 4 co-op work terms (18 credits).

The first year (2 terms) of the curriculum is common for all BEng students, with courses in chemistry (CHEM), computer science (CSC), general engineering (ENGR), mathematics (MATH), and physics (PHYS).

Second year and onwards

Second year and onwards, the curriculum is specific to Civil & Environmental Engineering, with courses in civil engineering (CIVE), geography (GEOG), mathematics (MATH), mechanical engineering (MECH), and statistics (STAT). The higher level CIVE courses are project-based courses, including the capstone, cross-disciplinary design project CIVE 400.

In addition to these courses, all Civil Engineering students are required to take two complementary studies electives; these courses deal with central issues in the humanities or social sciences. Please consult the faculty website for a list of approved courses.

The co-operative education program at the University of Victoria allows students to combine academic studies with paid work experience. Civil Engineering students can gain hands-on experience and real-world skills, by alternating class room terms with co-op work terms. Co-op is collaborative: students, employers, and the university all play a role. Civil Engineering students are required to partake in 4 co-op terms, each typically lasts 4 months.

Check out the co-op page or contact the UVic co-op office for more information.

IMPORTANT: Current Civil Engineering students must confirm their eligibility for a co-op work term by ensuring that they are registered in the required courses. Please consult the "Forms" page for more details.;

All University of Victoria students can choose to add minors to their programs. However, courses that fulfil requirements for a Minor cannot form part of the requirements for the degree. Thus, a minor in civil engineering requires extra courses. For further details, please consult with the Academic Advisor for the Department and the University Calendar.

The Faculty of Engineering in conjunction with the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business offers a business minor. For further details, see “Business Minor Program” for more information.