Program Schedule

Every course offered through the Civil Engineering program will have an official course description webpage in UVic's calendar. The site provides general information about the course and its administration. Each course may also have its own home page with more detailed information. Its address will be given on the course outline and its content, and observation of property rights is the responsibility of the instructor. 

The tables below detail the Civil Engineering program by term. Consult the University Calendar and the Program Planning Worksheet for the latest information.

The Calendar is the official guide to all programs, courses, services and regulations of the University.  If there is any discrepancy between our website and the Calendar, the information in the Calendar is authoritative.

Term schedule

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Fall 1A 2A Co-op 3B Co-op
Spring 1B Co-op 3A Co-op 4B
Summer Co-op 2B Co-op 4A -

Year 1

Term 1A Term 2A
CSC 111 Fundamentals of Programming with Engineering Applications CHEM 150 Engineering Chemistry
ENGR 110 Design and Communication I ENGR 120 Design and Communication II
ENGR 130 Introduction to Professional Practice ENGR 141 Engineering Mechanics
MATH 100 Calculus I MATH 101 Calculus II
MATH 110 Matrix Algebra for Engineers PHYS 111 Introductory Physics II
PHYS 110 Introductory Physics I

Year 2

Term 2A Term 2B
GEOG 103 Introduction to Physical Geography MATH 204 Calculus IV
MATH 200 Calculus III CIVE 210 Sustainability in Civil Engineering 
STAT 254 Probability and Statistics for Engineers CIVE 220 Mechanics of Solids I 
CIVE 200 Engineering Drawing CIVE 242 Dynamics
CIVE 299 Geomatics Engineering CIVE 285 Civil Engineering Materials
CIVE 295 Buildings Science Fundamentals

Year 3

Term 3A Term 3B
CSC 349A Numerical Analysis CIVE 340 Sustainable Water Resources
CIVE 310 Environmental Engineering CIVE 351 Sustainable Design of Steel and Timber Structures
CIVE 315 Environmental Policy CIVE 352 Reinforced Concrete Structural Design
CIVE 345 Fluid Mechanics CIVE 360 Sustainable Transportation Systems
CIVE 350 Structural Analysis CIVE 370 Construction and Project Management
CIVE 385 Geotechnical Engineering

Year 4

Term 3A Term 3B
LIST OF ELECTIVES CIVE 400 Cross-Disciplinary Capstone
Design Project
CIVE 410 Solid Waste and Air Pollution ENGR 498 Engineering Law
CIVE 421 Advanced Structural Analysis LIST OF ELECTIVES
CIVE 440 Hydrology and Hydraulics CIVE 411 Resilient Smart Cities
CIVE 448 Drinking Water Contaminants CIVE 412 Infrastructure Engineering for Indigenous Communities
CIVE 450 Green Building Design CIVE 422 Finite Element Method
CIVE 453 Building and District Energy Simulation CIVE 444 Water and Sanitation for Low Resource Contexts
CIVE 456 Sustainability and Advanced Concrete Technology CIVE 445 Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 459 Earthquake Engineering CIVE 452 Engineering for Earthquakes and Extreme Events
CIVE 480B Design and Project Management CIVE 458 Timber Structures
CS ELECTIVE 2 complementary studies electives * CIVE 470 Case Studies in Construction
CIVE 480A Advanced Concrete Design
CIVE 480C Composite Structures
CIVE 480F Building Systems
CIVE 485 Foundation Engineering
CIVE 499 Research Project

Summer timetable

Fall timetable

Spring timetable

Students must complete four Co-op work terms (ENGR 001, 002, 003, 004) as per the Faculty of Engineering Academic and Work/Other Terms Schedule in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

*A Complementary Studies Elective course deals with central issues in humanities or social sciences. The Faculty of Engineering must approve the chosen courses, prior to registration. Consult the Faculty website for a current list of approved courses. Not all technical electives listed may be available. CS electives can be taken in any term.