Student life

Student LIfe
UVic students have enjoy access to Cadbaro Bay, one of many nearby beaches, throughout the year (Photo: U. T. Khan)

Getting involved with other Engineering students is easy with a wide range of clubs, events and competitions. Explore the various events hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and by the Engineering Student Society.

Leadership Through Diversity

LTD Logo
UVic LTD members participate in a themed
scavenger hunt, one of many regular events
held by the club (Photo: LTD)

Leadership Through Diversity (LTD) is a group run by engineering students at the University of Victoria, which promotes diversity and a welcoming environment for all engineering students.

LTD focuses on supporting and engaging women in engineering, as well as first years, bridge, international, disabled, and LGTBQ students.

The main focus is inclusivity: everyone is welcome at all events. Events include technical workshops, Ladies Nights, first year mentorship, international student potlucks, LAN parties, lectures, and attending the National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWIE).

The group strongly encourages anyone interested to get involved.

Engineering teams, groups and clubs

Engineering and Computer Science groups are a great way to add more practical design experience to your degree, use your technical skills to reach out and help people, or just meet people and get your mind off studying.