Supervising a co-op student

Congratulations on hiring your co-op student! On each work term, you'll be responsible for supervising the student, including the following steps.

  • Assign a supervisor who will keep track of the projects that the student is working on, outline your organization's expectations, and mentor the student.
  • Provide a thorough orientation—Describe your organizational structure, the student's role and your expectations around projects or tasks, behaviour and professionalism, confidentiality or safety policies and more. If you are hiring and Indigenous student, you may wish to refer to our resource on decolonizing and Indigenizing your workplace.
  • Provide training where necessary. 
  • Schedule regular check-ins (weekly or bi-weekly suggested) to assess the student's workload and progress, provide feedback, and adjust duties and responsibilities as needed. These check-ins are also an opportunity to encourage the student to get involved with your organization (see Helping students excel).
  • Complete competency assessments to assess the student's learning (you'll receive email prompts during the work term)
  • Have a work site visit with your co-op coordinator midway through the work term (the co-op office will contact you to arrange this)
  • Ask your student about their work term report or submission – All UVic co-op students must complete a final submission, which are often about a project or learning opportunity they found valuable. Discuss the topic with the student to determine if the content may be confidential. Most submissions are due after the work term has ended and are evaluated by the co-op coordinator or a UVic faculty member. If you have concerns about confidentiality, contact the co-op office.

What if you have any issues with a co-op student?

At the first sign of any unusual situation with a co-op student (behaviour issues, medical emergencies, etc.), please contact your co-op coordinator as soon as possible. He or she will work with you and the student right away to resolve the issue.