Employer code of ethics

Thanks for becoming a UVic co-op employer and a partner in students' education!

By becoming a co-op employer, you agree to follow the ethical guidelines set by the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education:

  • Comply with all provincial and federal legislation regarding freedom of information, human rights and employment
  • Provide accurate job posting information, including job description, salary and location
  • Respect UVic's schedule of job postings, interview arrangements and job offers, and follow our Co-operative Education policies and procedures
  • Provide reasonable notice to candidates to be interviewed and of interview cancellations
  • Respect the confidentiality of the placement process with candidates before, during and after an interview
  • Avoid asking about a candidate's assessment of another candidate
  • Make offers in accordance with UVic Co-op Program procedures
  • Avoid multiple job offers unless prepared to hire multiple candidates
  • Honour offers of employment, including salary
  • Confirm all job offers in writing
  • Do not translate a co-op assignment into a full-time position before a student has completed their studies, thereby encouraging the student to postpone academic commitments