International employers

International co-op employers
UVic has a wide range of domestic and international students who are talented and ready to work abroad.

If you are an employer located outside Canada, UVic co-op students are eager to travel and apply their knowledge with employers all around the world—our co-op students complete 275+ international placements per year in over 40 countries. 

The co-op hiring process for international employers is the same as for Canadian employers, but students will need certain work documents to work in other countries.

Why hire UVic students?

  • Engage our students’ global knowledge and apply it to your business practices
  • Diversify your business and attract a broader customer base
  • Benefit from students’ international outlook
  • Connect to the UVic community
  • Recruit the brightest new graduates for today and tomorrow

Work documents required for Canadian students


Canadian students must receive a J-1 visa to work in the United States. If you are not able to sponsor the visa, students can work with organizations like CDS International or SWAP to secure a visa.

Other countries

Canada has youth mobility agreements with several countries. These agreements help make the work permit application process easier for students working abroad. As an employer, you might be asked to provide documentation, like a letter of offer, to move the application process along.