Hiring students from international pathways

UVic prides itself on welcoming students from all over the world. Over 3,000 students from international pathways study here, and many are keen to gain Canadian work experience.

UVic has a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion both on campus and in all student experiences. This includes ensuring that students from international pathways have equal opportunities to gain hands-on work experience here in Canada and around the world.

Our Strategic Framework defines the university’s role in creating a strong, healthy future for our students and for our local and global communities.

Why hire students from international pathways?

As a co-op employer, hiring students from international pathways can support a diverse and inclusive workplace, with students bringing their skills, knowledge and diverse perspectives to your team. Through this initiative, you’ll help enrich the equity, diversity and inclusion practices of our communities and your workplace. Hiring students from international pathways will help your organization:

  • Bring a fresh perspective into your workplace
  • Benefit from students’ fluency in multiple languages
  • Link to global markets
  • Engage students’ cultural intelligence and apply it to your business practices
  • Recruit bright new international graduates for today and tomorrow

Students from international pathways experience success in workplaces that are culturally agile, responsive, respectful, and that honour the diversity of all. This inclusive environment is created when management and staff are trained in:

  • intercultural competency
  • conflict resolution
  • human rights
  • anti-racism

Best practices to attract, hire, onboard and retain students from international pathways

The Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon (ACE-WIL) has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Employers and Hiring Managers to support you.

Access the toolkit

Explore the toolkit to see:

  • a tutorial on how to use the toolkit
  • employer perspectives about hiring students from international pathways
  • a report on employment outcomes for students from international pathways
  • an ACE-WIL profesional development webinar about supporting these students

What work-related documents do you need to hire students from international pathways?

If you plan to hire a student from an international pathway for a co-op position, our staff can help students secure the work documents they need before their first work term. If you are hiring an international student outside the co-op program, the student will need a valid work permit and a Social Insurance Number to work off-campus

What's the hiring process?

Our streamlined hiring process makes it smooth and easy and our staff are happy to help every step of the way.

There are many ways for you to support and work with students from international pathways at UVic.

  • Hire a co-op student: you can hire a student through UVic’s Co-op program.
  • Post jobs to the Co-op and Career Portal: we can help you post job opportunities to the UVic Co-op and Career Portal, which can be accessed by all UVic students and alumni.

How can you connect with students from international pathways through UVic events?

We can help you find your next great hire from UVic! Attend a career fair or host an information session to connect with students and graduates from international pathways.

  • Take part in the West Coast Virtual Fair: Tap into the talent from three world-class universities on the west coast at this popular event, which takes place in the fall and spring. You'll connect with students and graduates from the University of Victoria, University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University.
  • Host an information session or attend networking events: We offer information session for employers and graduate/professional schools upon request. At your session, you can discuss your organization, meet with students, answer questions, share opportunities and raise your brand profile at UVic. We normally host several sessions per month. Please contact UVicCoopCareerEvents@uvic.ca to learn more.
  • Take part in a career panel: We host "What can you do with your degree?" industry panels in the fall and spring to help UVic students and alumni learn about career opportunities in a variety of sectors. This series is one of our most popular events! Sharing your own career story as a panelist helps to support students as they explore career options—and it's a great way to share information about prospects at your organization. Please contact UVicCoopCareerEvents@uvic.ca to volunteer as a panelist.

Want to hire for long-term positions?

Several government programs allow you to hire students from international pathways for long-term employment after they graduate.