Hiring schedule

Hiring during COVID-19: Co-op and Career staff are working remotely in response to COVID-19, and are available to support you by phone and video conference. You can access information about hiring and funding opportunities during COVID-19, as well as co-op employer FAQs. Our team is here to help you during this unprecented time.

Student availability

Co-op students are available year-round for your hiring needs. Work terms typically begin in January, May and September. A typical co-op work term is four months long, although students may also be available for 8, 12 or even 16 months. Other options are also possible—if your co-op placement doesn't fit the typical start dates, we’d be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

Hiring process

Co-op work terms typically begin in January, May and September, and co-op students apply for co-op jobs during the previous term (up to four months before the start date). For example, if you would like to hire a student for the May–August term, you are welcome to post your position as early as January.

This schedule provides an overview of the co-op hiring process and the steps involved. For details, please see how to hire.

Steps Hiring for fall term (Sept-Dec) Hiring for winter term (Jan-Apr) Hiring for summer term (May-Aug)
1) Send in your job description May 1 - Aug 31 Sept 1 - Jan 1 Jan 1 - Apr 30
2) Review job applications After the job posting closes; typically about two weeks after posting the job
3) Interview candidates At your convenience (co-op office can arrange interviews); typically about one to two weeks after the job posting closes
4) Extend a job offer (contact your co-op office) After the interviews, at your convenience (as soon as you have determined the successful candidate)
Receive confirmation from co-op office Within 24-48 hours of extending your job offer