Community Service Learning courses

Sarah Ravlic
Sarah Ravlic (psychology), right, worked with the Saanich Volunteer Services Society as part of a Community Service Learning course.

We know how important it is to connect with community - at UVic there are many course-based opportunities to engage and contribute.

These include full-credit Community Service Learning (CSL) courses that allow you to complete 4 weeks of classroom theory followed by 7 weeks of volunteer community work in an area you're passionate about.

You can find information about CSL and community-engaged courses or see examples of CSL courses below:

  • SOSC 300 (Social Sciences 300 - Working in the Community) is an interdisciplinary community service learning course combining classroom study of community organizations, civic engagement, and related philosophical and ethical issues; the development of professional competencies needed to work effectively in the community; a practicum consisting of a minimum of 40 hours of voluntary work with a community organization or on a community project; and critical reflection from social science perspectives on the practicum experience.