Apply for co-op jobs

Once you've found a co-op job that appeals to you in the Co-op and Career portal, you'll apply online through the system by submitting your résumé and cover letter. See How to apply for co-op jobs in the Co-op and Career portal for a tutorial.

TIP: Cast a wide net! If you’re a junior co-op student, apply to lots of jobs that you’re qualified for. After a work term or two, you can be more selective and apply for more advanced jobs to build on your experience.

Co-op job search schedule

Action Seeking fall work term 
Seeking spring work term 
Seeking summer work term 
Apply for co-op jobs Starting May 1 Starting Sept 1 Starting Jan 1
Shortlisted students
contacted about interviews
One to two weeks after job applications closed*
Attend an interview One to two weeks after shortlisted candidates contacted* 
Job offer extended from co-op office One week after interviews*
Accept or decline a job offer Within 24 hours of a job offer

*Timelines are approximate (at employer's convenience)

Prepare a strong application

Your Introduction to Professional Practice preparation course will teach you how to create an effective co-op résumé and cover letter. Your co-op coordinator can also provide some tips.

You can also refer to our online resources for help with:

Applying for positions in the legal controlled substance industry

Accepting a work term in the legal controlled substance industry in Canada (including cannabis and licensed psychedelic substances) could impact your entry to other countries in the future.

Traveling to another country for reasons related to this industry may deem you inadmissible now and in the future. Previous use of psychedelic substances or cannabis, or any other substance prohibited by local law, could also result in you being denied entry to your destination country. You are responsible for learning about the laws of the countries you intend to visit.

If you apply to a job with licensed controlled substance producers or testers, you must be legally eligible to work at Government of Canada authorized licensed drug producers or testers based on federal and provincial industry legislation.

Learn more about the impact for travel and co-op work terms abroad related to cannabis at Learn more about cannabis in the workplace.