Apply for co-op jobs

Once you've found a co-op job that appeals to you on Learning In Motion (LIM), you'll apply online through the system by submitting your résumé and cover letter. See How to apply for co-op jobs on LIM for a tutorial.

TIP: Cast a wide net! If you’re a junior co-op student, apply to lots of jobs that you’re qualified for. After a work term or two, you can be more selective and apply for more advanced jobs to build on your experience.

Co-op job search schedule

Action Seeking fall work term 
Seeking spring work term 
Seeking summer work term 
Apply for co-op jobs Starting May 1 Starting Sept 1 Starting Jan 1
Shortlisted students
contacted about interviews
One to two weeks after job applications closed*
Attend an interview One to two weeks after shortlisted candidates contacted* 
Job offer extended from co-op office One week after interviews*
Accept or decline a job offer Within 24 hours of a job offer

*Timelines are approximate (at employer's convenience)

Prepare a strong application

Your Introduction to Professional Practice preparation course will teach you how to create an effective co-op résumé and cover letter. Your co-op coordinator can also provide some tips.

You can also refer to our online resources for help with: