Co-op Application Form – Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics Programs

Our intake process has changed. In addition to submitting this application form, all undergraduate students are also required to register in SCIE 201. If you encounter problems with registration, please email .

Use this form to submit an application for admission to the Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics Co-op Program.

To be eligible to apply, you must be a full-time UVic student majoring in a discipline which corresponds to the Co-op program of your choice, with a minimum of a B average.

The application deadline is September 15. Applications are processed as received so the earlier you apply, the earlier you will know your application status.

Need help? Contact us at 250-721-6122 or or stop by Elliott 119.

The information collected in this application will be used to assess your fit for the program and no single item will have a negative impact on our admission decision.

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1. Personal information

Non-UVic email addresses are OK, but make sure you add UVic as a trusted sender in your mailbox.

Citizenship status
2. Academic information
Level of study
Have you completed a total at least two semesters of university or college study?
Have you received permission from your graduate supervisor to take part in co-op?
3. Co-op information
Which Coop Program are you applying for?
Are you currently or have you previously been enrolled in another Co-op program?
Which semester do you hope to go on your first co-op work term?
When looking for Co-op opportunities, where would you be interested in looking?

This answer has no effect on admission decisions.

How did you learn about the Co-op program? (Check all that apply)

To keep a copy for your records, please print this page before submitting your data.