Work Experience Program

Interested in co-op, but don't want to commit to a set number of work terms? Or worried you're too late in your degree to join co-op? The Work Experience Program (WEP) is a great option!

How the program works

The WEP is very similar to the Co-op Program, but is shorter and more flexible. You'll gain relevant work experience working for co-op employers and have a designated co-op coordinator to support you. 

Once accepted into the WEP, you can choose to transfer to the traditional co-op program later if you meet co-op requirements.

Differences between WEP and co-op

Program feature WEP Co-op
Number of work terms 
(4 months each)
Undergraduates: 1–2 
Grad students: 1
Undergraduates: 3–4
Grad students: 2-3
When to join Any point during your degree Second year (later entry sometimes possible)
Documentation received when program completed Note on your transcript Co-op designation on your parchment

Who's eligible

The WEP is available for undergraduate and graduate students studying computer science, fine arts, humanities, mathematics and statistics, science and social sciences. 

Students studying business or engineering are not eligible, since these degree programs include mandatory co-op.

How to apply

The application process for the WEP is the same as for traditional co-op. Please look up your co-op program for application requirements.